Herbert Busemann, "Squares on Red," 1977

Price: SOLD
Period: 1977
Condition: Very good; needing to be reframed
Height: 26 1/4 in.
Width: 35 3/4 in.
Count: 1
Materials: Acrylic on Masonite
Creator: Herbert Busemann

Herbert Busemann (1905 – 1994) was a German-American mathematician specializing in convex and differential geometry. He is the author of Busemann's theorem in Euclidean geometry and geometric tomography. He is the author of the Geometry of Geodesics. He was the first American honored with the Soviet prize, named for the Russian geometrician and awarded every four years. Busemann earned his doctorate degree from the University of Goettingen in 1931 and fled Germany with other scientists, artists and intellectuals in the early years of the Third Reich. After retiring as professor emeritus in 1970, he moved to Santa Ynez, California, where he finally devoted the rest of his life to painting. When reporter Lee Dembart visited him after Busemann had won the Lobachevsky Prize in 1985, he found the studio "chockablock with dozens of large canvases painted in vibrantly colored geometrical designs."