"The Fossil Narcissus," Ynez Johnston, 1969

Price: $5400
Period: 1969
Condition: Excellent original condition
Height: 18 in.
Width: 17 1/2 in.
Depth: 1 1/2 in.
Count: 1
Materials: Painted wood relief
Creator: Ynez Johnston

Ynez Johnston, painter and printmaker, was inspired by San Francisco's Chinatown. Her work creates a drama that is inspired by dreamlike totemic imagery of animals, foliage and structures. She is influenced by the mythical linear designs of Paul Klee, and Mark Tobey, as well as a genuine reverence to Mayan and Chinese lore. Often, the familiar iconography that reoccurs in her work as slips from our rational grasp, as their very proximity and resemblance to man, city and space constantly evolves. Johnston's horror-vacuii style might be a departure from that of her male contemporaries, but the enigmatic forms rooted in ambiguous space are immediately identifiable of that of our own dreams and subconscious.